The Advanced R&D Engineer will contribute significantly to our Advanced Research team and the development of future products. At Intellijoint, advanced research involves exploring, developing and applying technologies to solve a diverse array of clinical needs, both within and outside of orthopaedics. Simply put – you get to take an idea and run with it, design it, develop it and help determine its legitimacy. This position is an opportunity to work with a unique technology that can improve surgical outcomes and restore a patient’s quality of life.  

As a snapshot, we are looking for someone who:

  • Possesses a curious and creative mind with the ability to prove and disprove ideas
  • Experience working with related medical technologies through the design and development phases, taking an idea and turning it in to a tangible item or product
  • Considers how and when to adapt existing technology for a new application vs trying something completely new


Job Duties and Responsibilities

  • Develop system-level prototypes and demos
  • Provide Intellijoint’s leadership team with the necessary information to make informed decisions about executing technical product opportunities
  • Design new algorithms for current and future products, including software demonstrations
  • Simulation and modelling
  • Data analysis
  • Knowledge capture
  • Generate intellectual property

Required Skills and Experience

Skills and Experience to Enable Success:

  • Degree in Engineering (particularly Biomedical, Systems Design, or Mechatronics), Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Physics or a related field
  • Masters or equivalent work experience related to medical navigation or optical tracking systems
  • A well-rounded individual, with particular interest in and passion for: 
      • Math (spatial math, linear algebra, optimization, stats, MATLAB, python)
      • Programming (object oriented, web applications, visualizations, UI)
      • Medical imaging (image processing, segmentation, 3D Slicer, various modalities)
      • Biomedical / clinical engineering (surgery, biomechanics, medical robotics, image guidance)

  • Self driven, self starting and focused
  • Passionate about solving problems, especially within the medical field
  • Comfortable working outside of your area of expertise
  • Able to identify and apply best practices

Job Details

Expectations and Employee Experience

  • We do not expect to hire someone who fits the position 100%
  • We expect that you will be passionate about growth and you can expect that we will support you along the way
  • You can expect to work hard but know that you will be rewarded for that hard work
  • You can expect change within our growing company
  • You can expect that we help you be you!
    • Flexibility so that you can do your best both at work and outside of it
    • Relaxed yet professional workplace that encourages inclusivity
    • An understanding of how your performance is measured
    • Culture = Passion: we have a ton of passion for the product, improving patients’ lives and working collaboratively to achieve common goals
    • Oh ya, some amazing social events too! These will be formal, informal, scheduled and pop up out of no where. Be prepared, we like to work hard but have some fun too!

If you aren’t happy about these expectations, we may not be the company for you. If you are happy, great! We would love to hear from you!

The Journey, Mission and Future of Intellijoint

  • What we are doing is “improving patients’ lives by providing every surgeon with effective, easy-to-use technology.”
  • Born out of a University of Waterloo final year design project, our product improves the accuracy of hip replacements
  • In a nutshell, Intellijoint HIP® provides surgeons with real-time, interoperative measurements to ensure proper positioning of orthopaedic implants during Total Hip Arthroplasty.
  • Already, our product is being used in thousands of surgeries that spread throughout the United States, Canada and Australia and we will continue to look at expansion into other areas.

To apply, please visit our job board. This is a full time, permanent position based at Intellijoint Surgical’s main office in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada. Please submit cover letter and resume for consideration. Only selected applicants will be contacted for an interview. Thank you!