intellijoint HIP Anterior is a 3D mini-optical navigation solution providing surgeons with quantifiable, intraoperative measurements for

  • Cup Position.
  • Leg Length.
  • Offset.
intellijoint HIP Anterior provides highly accurate implant position measurements while keeping the procedure minimally invasive for everyone. No fluoroscopy required. Minimal added OR time with no need for additional staff. No interruption of the standard surgical work flow.



Lower Risk. Higher Accuracy.

Obtain optimal cup position and restore leg length and offset. No fluoroscopy needed.

intellijoint HIP Anterior provides quantifiable, intraoperative measurements that eliminate the need for C-Arm verification for implant positioning during Total Hip Arthroplasty.

Do you know your facts about fluoroscopy exposure using Direct Anterior (DA) Approach?

  • The recommended maximum radiation exposure is 2,000 mrem/year 30
  • Surgeons learning DA reach half the recommended maximum radiation exposure in just the first 100 cases required in the typical learning curve 30  31
  • High volume surgeons (>189 cases/year) far exceed the recommended maximum radiation exposure 30  31

High radiation exposure can have dire, long-term effects on surgeons specializing in this tissue-sparing procedure


Accurate Intraoperative Cup Position without Fluoroscopy 


intellijoint HIP Anterior provides accurate cup position measurements to within one degree of accuracy.39

Learn how traditional navigation is being disrupted through quantifiable, intraoperative cup position accuracy without fluoroscopy.


Keep Control of Your Surgery


Surgeon Controlled Measurements
  • The miniature camera sits within the sterile field without interrupting the surgical workflow
  • Measurements are collected by the surgeon with the press of a button
  • No need to wait for additional OR staff or equipment