The future of computer aided surgery
intellijoint HIP®

Lower the possibility of complications in your hip replacement surgery.

intellijoint HIP is a 3D mini-optical navigation solution that provides surgeons with critical measurements to ensure proper positioning of your implant.

Benefits of intellijoint HIP

Accurate implant selection and positioning can assist in the prevention of:

      • Hip instability
      • Dislocation
      • Implant loosening 
      • Leg length inequality
      • Pain
      • Revision hip surgery
      • Hospital readmission

In traditional hip replacement surgery, values are determined by eyeballing and using the surgeon's best judgement.

intellijoint HIP's cutting-edge technology is setting the standards for surgical navigation.

Intellijoint Surgical intellijointHIP Software Summary Screen

intellijoint HIP Perspectives

Surgeon's Perspective

"intellijoint HIP is able to judge anatomical location of the femur and of the pelvis before I even start my work. And then after I’ve tried to replicate a patient’s anatomy I can verify that I haven’t made the leg too long or too short or increased the width of his pelvis, the offset." 

Dr. Ran Schwarzkopf, Assistant Professor, Orthopaedic Surgery, NYU, Total Joint Replacement Surgery, Complex Reconstruction 

Patient's Perspective

"I am looking forward to getting back on the squash court, I am looking forward to getting back on the tennis court...intellijoint HIP made all the difference for me and I am so happy I heard about it before my surgery."

Frank, intellijoint HIP patient

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