Development of intellijoint HIP Anterior gives surgeons a smart, simple and sophisticated device that provides quantifiable, intraoperative measurements for:

  • Cup Position.

  • Leg Length.

  • Offset.

intellijoint HIP Anterior provides accurate cup position to within one degree of accuracy. White Paper

Take Control of Your Surgery 

Surgeon Controlled Measurements
  • Miniature camera sits within the sterile field without interrupting surgical workflow allowing the surgeon to control implant positioning measurements with the press of a button.
Accessible for all patients
  • intellijoint HIP Anterior can affix to the contralateral hip, as well as the ipsilateral hip should the patient have a high BMI with abdominal tissue that interferes with the camera’s line of vision.
Shorten Operating Time
  • Navigation is easy to incorporate into Direct Anterior Approach and can assist in shortening operating time up to 28 minutes.1


Reduce Radiation Exposure 

Despite the well-known benefits that DA brings to patients post-operatively, there is high radiation exposure to surgeons intraoperatively that can have dire, long-term effects on a surgeon specializing in DA.

      • The recommended maximum radiation exposure is 2,000 mrem/year.2
      • Surgeons practicing DA reach half the recommended maximum radiation exposure in just the first 100 cases required in the typical learning curve.2, 3
      • High volume surgeons (>189 cases/year) far exceed the recommended maximum radiation exposure. 2, 3

intellijoint HIP Anterior provides quantifiable, intraoperative measurements that could eliminate the need for C-arm verification.  

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