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By offering innovative technology like intellijoint HIP®, administrators can promote their commitment to improving patient outcomes and enhance their clinical excellence. 

intellijoint HIP is accessibly priced for primary and revision Total Hip Arthroplasty (THA) with a low fee-per-use purchase model. 

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As a hospital administrator

intellijoint HIP brings superior value to patients by improving a surgeon's ability to consistently reach preoperative targets and reduce outliers.



Reduce readmissions and revision surgery

increase visability

Increase visibility by offering superior technology

attract patients

Attract patients to your hospital

Without the extraordinary costs and prolonged surgery time.

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Administrators are aware of the trend to reduce costs by focusing providers on performance measurements that improve outcomes.

Administrators are also aware that patients and their families want more assurances about the benefits of joint replacement.

Traditional hip replacement surgery amounts to nearly


procedures per year in Canada, US and EU

Experience vs Judgment venn Diagram

Outcomes largely remain dependent on surgeon experience and subjective judgements of soft tissue balancing

Meanwhile researchers report

Up to 12% of traditional primary THA result in revision surgery13 costing over $1 billion/year in the United States alone.32

Mean costs of revision surgery are



can reach as high as


with length of stay averaging 6.2 days and reaching as high as 11.8 days13

Studies indicate the mean costs for readmissions within 30 days of primary THA are


per readmission14

and the mean costs following revision THA are


per readmission14

Up to 8.9% of patients will be readmitted within 90 days with most readmissions due to instability and dislocations 4

Under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), 2610 U.S. hospitals lost an average of 0.63% of total Medicare and Medicaid (MM) reimbursements averaging

a loss of $164,000 per hospital in 201515.

Additionally, the upcoming bundled payment/penalty system currently being piloted by CMS will forego payments for readmissions and instead levy penalties.

Centers performing 500 THAs per year could face penalties of close to

$1 million per year



Paving the Way for Bundled Payments 

With the introduction of bundled payments, health providers must look at ways to reduce spending variation associated with an episode-of-care in order to avoid potential penalties for inconsistent outcomes. 

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Promoting intellijoint HIP's clinical benefits can attract new patients, increase community visibility for your hospital, improve efficiencies and grow your orthopaedic services.

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