Our smart, simple, sophisticated solution for total hip arthroplasty provides surgeons with vital intraoperative measurements, enabling proper establishment of cup position, equalization of leg length and restoration or maintenance of offset and joint center of rotation.

intellijoint HIP is a new surgical solution designed to enable orthopaedic surgeons to more effectively meet their surgical objectives and improve patient outcomes.

Studies indicate component malposition causes instability1 and dislocations2 which are the most common causes of revision surgery for total hip arthroplasty. Accurate implant positioning and selection can assist in the prevention of leg length discrepancy, recurrent instability, dislocation, and can avoid costly revision surgery.

"intellijoint HIP is a reliable tool to measure hip center (i.e. amount of reaming of the acetabulum) and leg length during total hip arthroplasty. Valuable to both the surgeon and patient, it is accurate, safe and fast."

Dr. Allan Gross, Ghert Family Foundation Chair, Lower Extremity Reconstructive Surgery, Mt. Sinai Hospital, Professor of Surgery, University of Toronto

intellijoint HIP is


Miniature sensors provide accurate, intraoperative measurements.

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Surgeon-controlled solution seamlessly integrates with existing surgical techniques and workflows.

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A solution for Total Hip Arthroplasty that can be used with all implant vendors.

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