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Easy to Integrate

  • Preserves existing workflow
  • Compatible with all implant vendors
  • Compatible with most techniques and surgical approaches

Simple and Fast

  • Learn to efficiently use intellijoint HIP in five procedures or less
  • On average, adds only four minutes to the operating time during THA


  • Provides vital intraoperative measurements without the high cost and steep learning curve of more complex systems

Accurate Cup Position.

Regardless of intra-op motion.


A retrospective study of 99 patients revealed how much patients move during Total Hip Arthroplasty and the impact on cup position accuracy. 


intellijoint HIP® reports cup position relative to the pelvis, eliminating the impact of patient movement.


On average, how much do patients move intraoperatively?

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"intellijoint HIP provides offset and leg length determination, in conjunction with acetabular positioning and allows you to fine tune these rather than guessing and using different landmarks. I see this as a potential game changer as you can use the information provided by intellijoint HIP to combine reducing leg length discrepancy as well as prevent dislocation. You can have your cake and eat it too." 

- Dr. Wayne G. Paprosky Hip & Knee Reconstructive and Replacement Orthopaedic Surgeon, Professor, Rush University Medical Center.

Studies show revision surgery is required for up to 15% of all hip replacements3

Dislocation/instability is the leading reason for revision procedures3

readmision rate

…causing 16% of hospital readmissions within 90 days of hip replacement surgery4

A single dislocation leads to further dislocations in up to


of patients5

pateint percentage2

Studies indicate component malposition causes instability and dislocations1,2

Up to 62%

of cups are not placed within a predetermined target range using manual techniques6

 Surgeon Percentage3

up to 78% of surgeons have been involved in costly legal disputes with patients7


Dislocation, instability, leg length discrepancy and implant malpositioning are some of the most frequently reported adverse advents that lead to malpractice litigation among hip and knees surgeons7



Bundled payments are here.

Surgical outcomes in joint replacement procedures are becoming more important than ever with the arrival of bundled payments. To avoid the financial burden, hospitals are looking to surgeons to help reduce readmission and revision rates. 

Find out how intellijoint HIP can help. 

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