Enhance your joint replacement surgery with Intellijoint smart navigation


“Post-operatively, I feel amazing! With the second hip [replacement] I progressed at light speed having confidence with my first hip. With the Intellijoint alignment of my second hip, being spot on with my leg length, I felt natural again. I felt like I could stretch and I didn’t have the impinged feeling I had been experiencing for 20 plus years.”

See what Intellijoint HIP® can do for you

Intellijoing HIP navigation set-up in OR room with camera and computer with data in the background

For Primaries

With Intellijoint HIP’s 3D mini-optical navigation technology, surgeons are able to obtain vital intraoperative measurements during hip replacement surgery which assists with accurate size selection, positioning and alignment of implants.

Top view of surgeon performing THA with Intellijoint HIP navigation camera and tools

For Revisions

During a revision total hip replacement, Intellijoint HIP® helps the surgeon pinpoint the cause of symptoms and determine which implants need to be removed or modified. Intraoperative measurements guide the surgeon in accurately positioning the new implants. Intellijoint HIP® can assist in bone preservation where possible and reduced the risk of re-revision caused by dislocation.

5 stars: first star is yellow and the next 4 are outline with no fill

Hip replacement surgery generally leads to positive results however, dissatisfaction is reported between 15-30% of patients.

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