Intellijoint KNEE

Foundational guide for successful total knee arthroplasty.

Fast, easy and accurate control

Intellijoint KNEE is a fast and easy-to-use surgeon-controlled navigation system that provides real-time measurements of your surgical cutting guides during total knee arthroplasty (TKA). Quantitative measurements of varus/valgus, femoral flexion and tibial slope angles, and resection depth help you accurately align your cutting guide in the sagittal and coronal planes.


Open Platform

Supports a femur-or tibia-first workflow and is compatible with any major implant vendor.



No learning curve for registration with minimal time use.


Imageless and Pinless

Intellijoint KNEE doesn't require preoperative imaging and no pins are required outside the incision.



Accurate to within less than two degrees

KNEE -Slope

Femoral Flexion/Tibial Slope

Accurate to within less than one degree


Resection Depth

Accurate to within two millimetres

“Using Intellijoint KNEE™ gives me, my team and my patients' confidence intraoperatively. The quantitative measurements remove the assumptions associated with the varus/valgus, slope and depth resection position of intramedullary and extramedullary cutting guide instrumentation and set the remaining implant specific cuts up for success.”

Allan Gross, MD, FRCSC

Lower Extremity Reconstruction, Orthopedic Surgery
Mount Sinai Hospital

Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board, Intellijoint Surgical®

Morteza Meftah MD

“Intellijoint KNEE™ has been thoughtfully designed to address the current navigation challenges. It easily integrates into my TKA workflow and provides a fast, accurate and user-friendly navigation system with a competitive pricing model.”

Morteza Meftah, MD

Hip & Knee Reconstruction and Replacement Orthopaedic Surgeon

NYU Langone Health

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