"Intellijoint HIP® allowed me to reduce the outliers. When I leave the operating room, I am very confident about how I have reconstructed the hip - from a standpoint of positioning of components, leg length, offset."

Ritesh R. Shah, MD

Hip Preservation and Hip & Knee Replacement
Orthopedic Surgeon, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute

“Intellijoint HIP® provides offset, leg length determination, in conjunction with acetabular positioning and allows you to fine tune these rather than guessing and using different landmarks. I see this as a potential game changer as you can use the information provided by Intellijoint HIP to combine reducing leg length discrepancy, as well as, prevent dislocation.”

Wayne G. Paprosky, MD

Hip & Knee Reconstruction and Replacement Orthopaedic Surgeon, Professor, Rush University Medical Center
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board, Intellijoint Surgical®

Showcase clinical excellence. Manage costs.

Intellijoint® Navigation System offers hospitals, clinics and physicians an opportunity to enhance and showcase their clinical excellence while simultaneously controlling costs of orthopaedic services through an affordable fee-per-use model.

Intellijoint Navigation System brings superior value to patients by improving a surgeon’s ability to consistently:

Reach preoperative targets and reduce outliers

Reduce readmissions and revision surgery

Increase visibility by offering superior technology

A surgeon using Intelljoint navigation tools.

Superior patient care & clinical leadership.

As a healthcare administrator, you are aware of the current trend to reduce costs by focusing providers on performance measurements that improve medical care. You are also aware that patients and their families want more assurances about the benefits of joint replacement.

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Attract patients to your hospital without extraordinary costs and prolonged surgery time.

Prevent costly complications.

Traditional joint replacement surgery amounts to nearly 1.9 million procedures per year in Canada, US, Australia and New Zealand. They largely remain dependent on surgeon experience and subjective judgments of soft tissue balancing. Complications do arise.

Researchers report:

The average cost of readmissions requiring revision is $17,26340 – resulting in the cost of the episode of care for these patients being 2.5x higher than patients not requiring readmission.

Average cost of revision THA is $77,851.24 with the length of stay as high as 10.3 days41.

Average cost of revision TKA is $75,028.07 with the length of stay as high as 7.8 days42.

In the past, patient readmissions increased an institution’s reimbursement, disincentivizing investments in prevention. However, with the introduction of bundled payments, institutions with readmission rates higher than the national average will be penalized.

Institutions that exceed a readmission rate of 6.5% will experience financial loss43.

Exceptional user experience.

In addition to providing increased accuracy during joint replacement to reduce outliers and complications, Intellijoint Navigation System delivers an exceptional user experience for surgeons and institutions.

Open Platform

Allows surgeons and institutions to contract implant vendor of choice

Minimal Learning Curve

Surgeons and nursing staff can quickly become efficient users saving time and money for the institution

Patient visits doctor at the hospital. Concept of medical healthcare and doctor staff service.

Patients are seeking unprecedented care.

Promoting Intellijoint Navigation System’s clinical benefits can attract new patients, increase community visibility for your hospital, improve efficiencies and grow your orthopaedic service line.

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