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Delivering confident and consistent total hip replacements

Fast, Easy, Accurate

Intellijoint HIP is a surgeon-controlled, navigation tool for total hip arthroplasty (THA). It provides real-time, intraoperative measurements for fast, easy and accurate implant alignment for cup position, leg length and offset.

Top view of surgeon performing THA with Intellijoint HIP navigation camera and tools

Open Platform

Intellijoint HIP is an imageless navigation system that is compatible with any major implant vendor - your surgery, your choice.

Seamless Integration

Intellijoint HIP is suitable for primary and revision THA and compatible with any standard surgical approach including: Direct Anterior, Lateral, Posterior.

Lateral view of surgeon performing THA using Intellijoing HIP navigation camera and tools
Intellijoing HIP navigation set-up in OR room with camera and computer with data in the background


No significant time-add with a minimal learning curve of five cases or less.

Grey and light blue icon showing Cup Position

Cup Position

Accurate to within less
than three degrees44 *

Grey and light blue icon showing Leg Length

Leg Length

Accurate to within less
than half a millimeter38 †

Grey and light blue icon showing Offset Icon


Accurate to within half
a millimeter27 ‡

* Compared to 3D imaging in a clinical study

† Compared to 2D radiographic imaging in a cadaveric study

‡ Compared to bone models in a clinical simulation study

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What Professionals Have to Say


"Intellijoint HIP® allowed me to reduce the outliers. When I leave the operating room, I am very confident about how I have reconstructed the hip - from a standpoint of positioning of components, leg length, offset."

Ritesh R. Shah, MD

Hip Preservation and Hip & Knee Replacement
Orthopedic Surgeon, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute

“Intellijoint HIP® provides offset, leg length determination, in conjunction with acetabular positioning and allows you to fine tune these rather than guessing and using different landmarks. I see this as a potential game changer as you can use the information provided by Intellijoint HIP to combine reducing leg length discrepancy, as well as, prevent dislocation.”

Wayne G. Paprosky, MD

Hip & Knee Reconstruction and Replacement Orthopaedic Surgeon, Professor, Rush University Medical Center
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board, Intellijoint Surgical®

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