Acknowledging the passion, hard work and dedication of our IJS surgeons

Congratulations To Our Surgeons!

We'd like to acknowledge the surgeons who have been an essential part of our organization's journey and success.

We want to thank you for all the hard work and loyalty you have shown towards Intellijoint Surgical.

Keep up your excellent work and continue to inspire us!

Over 30,000 cases completed

Available in 5 countries

4 products offering a suite to support the entire Episode of Care


IJS Surgeon Milestone - 2000 cases

2,000 - 2,500 Cases

Stefan Kreuzer, MD

IJS Surgeon Milestone - 1500 cases

1,500 - 1,999 Cases

Coming Soon

IJS Surgeon Milestone - 1000 cases

1,000 - 1,499 Cases

Peter Sculco, MD
Ran Schwarzkopf, MD
Scott Marwin, MD

IJS Surgeon Milestone - 500 cases

500 - 999 Cases


Michael Alexiades, MD
Ritesh Shah, MD
Brian Vannozzi, MD
Dan Witmer, MD
Wayne Paprosky, MD

IJS Surgeon Milestone - 300 cases

300 - 499 Cases

Allan Inglis, MD
Bradley Gerber, MD
Brian M Culp, MD
Michael Bradley, MD
Morteza Meftah, MD

IJS Surgeon Milestone - 100 cases

100 - 299 Cases

Aaron Hofmann, MD
Ajit Deshmukh, MD
Arthur Mark, MD
Barry Cayen, MD
Benjamin Domb, MD
Christopher Damsgaard, MD
Colin Woon, MD
Dharmpal Vansadia, MD
Donald Longjohn, MD
Doug Cipriano, MD
Gregory Holt, MD
Ivan Madrid, MD
Jason Brannen, MD
Jenna A Bernstein, MD
Joel Fechisin, MD
John Dundon, MD
Jonathan Berliner, MD
Joshua Rozell, MD

Jonathan Vigdorchik, MD
Keith Pitchford, MD
Larry Likover, MD
Luis Corrales, MD
Mathias P. Bostrom, MD
Matthew Barber, MD
Michael Leslie, MD
Michael Pitta, MD
Nachum Levin, MD
Nathaniel Heckmann, MD
Parthiv Rathod, MD
Rajeev Puri, MD
Richard Boiardo, MD
Robert Neff, MD
Rohit Hasija, MD
Samir Nayyar, MD
Terry Clyburn, MD
Vasili Karas, MD
Vinay Aggarwal, MD
Vladimir Tress, MD
William Payne, MD

"Intellijoint HIP® allowed me to reduce the outliers. When I leave the operating room, I am very confident about how I have reconstructed the hip - from a standpoint of positioning of components, leg length, offset."

Ritesh R. Shah, MD

Hip Preservation and Hip & Knee Replacement
Orthopedic Surgeon, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute

“Intellijoint HIP® provides offset, leg length determination, in conjunction with acetabular positioning and allows you to fine tune these rather than guessing and using different landmarks. I see this as a potential game changer as you can use the information provided by Intellijoint HIP to combine reducing leg length discrepancy, as well as, prevent dislocation.”

Wayne G. Paprosky, MD

Hip & Knee Reconstruction and Replacement Orthopaedic Surgeon, Professor, Rush University Medical Center
Chairman, Scientific Advisory Board, Intellijoint Surgical®

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