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Surgical planning for total hip arthroplasty

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Intellijoint VIEW™ is a surgical planning solution that provides functional cup planning with the hip-spine relationship without requiring CT imaging.

With Intellijoint VIEW Open Access, every surgeon can benefit from our easy-to-use web-based planning solution, allowing discovery of which patients have adverse spinopelvic mobility, putting them in at-risk postures such as ‘stuck-standing’ or ‘stuck-sitting’.

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Functional Cup Planning with Target Zone Visualizer

Visually plan your cup target in the Hip-Spine Assessment workflow and accommodate for your patient’s unique spinopelvic mobility using standing and sitting lateral x-rays

Patient specific planning with accuracy and ease

With the Target Zone Visualizer™ feature, you can plan a patient-specific cup position to accommodate their mobility and help reduce the chance of impingement or dislocation.(1)


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1. Vigdorchik J, Eftekhary N, Elbuluk A, Abdel MP, Buckland AJ, Schwarzkopf RS, Jerabek SA, Mayman DJ. Evaluation of the spine is critical in the workup of recurrent instability after total hip arthroplasty. Bone Joint J. 2019 Jul;101-B(7):817-823. doi: 10.1302/0301-620X.101B7.BJJ-2018-1502.R1. PMID: 31256675.

 Intellijoint VIEW™ is licensed in Canada and has been granted 510(k) clearance by the FDA.

Intellijoint VIEW Free Access is for US and Canada residents only and not for medical use 

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