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Alex's Journey


Alex Alguire interviewed by Gerald Lai

Alex, Intellijoint employee, pretending to sing into a camera.

Can you talk a little about your current role at Intellijoint and how your role has evolved since you’ve been here?

I currently hold the position of Senior Manager of Strategic Marketing. In this role, I am responsible for building a long-term strategic plan for our department heads to reference when building their annual business plans. This role requires me to monitor market trends and work directly with our customers to understand their needs for today and into the future. I recently chose to pivot out of sales, which is where I started my career because I enjoyed the strategic side of leading my department.

How did you initially start at Intellijoint and the MedTech field?

I have always been passionate about the human body and specifically bodily movements. I went to school for Biomedical Engineering with the intention of being an engineer in orthopaedics. After applying to Intellijoint for an engineering role, the leadership team felt my skill set was better suited for a field sales job and asked if I would be interested in trying it out. With the help of a trusted advisor, I took a leap into sales. Seven years later I haven’t looked back and actively promote alternative career paths to students at my alma mater, the University of Guelph.

What’s your favourite part of working at Intellijoint?

For me, it has been my continued development while working here. I have progressed from a field representative to a bona fide sales rep, to the Director of Sales. In that role, I was responsible for developing many of my teammates' skills which is a rewarding experience. Now, in this recent transition, I was encouraged to follow a path that I felt was best for my personal and professional development which landed me in strategic marketing. It’s been 7 years and I continue to learn daily on the job.

What is a moment you won’t forget or has shaped you at Intellijoint?

I believe that being a sales rep has taught me a valuable lesson that can be applied to work and more importantly life. “If you see something wrong say something.” Having the courage to speak up for the benefit of the patient on the table can translate to so many situations in my personal life day to day.

What does a workday in your life look like?

Currently, I choose to work from home. I spend most days working through an iterative strategic planning process. It requires me to make decisions and validate assumptions I’ve made with data and direct discussions with customers. I often bounce ideas off my colleagues to workshop them and stimulate new lines of thinking for myself.

What is a quote, words, or a mantra you live by?

As someone who has taken an alternate career path and has lead talented people with a variety of different educational backgrounds – “Apply your skills, not your degree.”

What are your favorite things to do outside of work? What hobbies or passions do you have?

I have recently purchased my first home and would consider myself an amateur handyman. I like completing my own simple renovations and creating wood furniture. Now that the warm weather is returning, I want to get out more and go golfing, camping, and canoeing in a cedar strip that my grandfather made. I recently restored the canoe with the help of a friend.

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